Year 6's Olivia

As they prepare to leave OLSJ Year 6 put on one final peformance...



Lincoln - Lincoln was so amazing you should call him back to the school and pay him to do it again

Dominic tyrels cousin - I really liked your perfect performance.

Serena Hapuarachchilage (Year 6- 2014) - Wow! What an amazing performance. Well done! Thumbs up! :)

Arnold\'s mum - What an amazing performance! So proud of all these kids.

Arnie - This was so awesome guys I thank you all teachers out there for encouraging us to perform this.

Basile - Well done everyone you were AMAZING best of luck next year

Mrs Nowak - Wow!! It is so great to see how you\'ve all grown up! I am very proud of you. Love from Mrs Nowak all the way from Australia!

Leah - Well done everyone for all of your hard work and effort. Good luck next year and I will see you\'ll all soon:-)💓

Rose - This was brilliant

Alfie A - I really enjoyed it

Elsa - Well done yr 6 that was awesome good luck in yr 7

Anya - That was really good Y6! I wish you good luck in the future! From Anya Y5 Jonah

William - I enjoyed and I couldn\'t have done without Malachi

katie - i really like the way when doger and fagain went of to the sunlight.

MIss Majasi - What an amazing performance, well done Year 6. You should all be really proud of yourselves!

Ebony - Amazing last play! Good luck y6 children in the future! You were all amazing

Miss Cargill - Well done Year 6!! You guys were amazing :)! I enjoyed Olivia so so much! Xx

Tyrel - This is super brilliant. Well done Mr Camron and Miss Luinch

Nicola - Well done year 6 on your last play. You all done very well. Good luck to all the children for the future.

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