Writing - Literacy Projects

Ministry of Stories

This year we have been working with Ministry of Stories to support our Year 3 and 4 children with creative writing projects. The project will run for 3 years and will have a different focus each year.

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Below is a selection of the work produced by the children from the project that was supported by Justin Coe, a real-life author!

"We worked with a real-life poet called Justin who shared his own poems with us. We were given our own writing journal which was great because I felt like an actual author myself. Justin helped me to explore different types of writing and he inspired me to improve my own style. Since he's gone, I've written stories I'm really proud of. One was on our topic of Egypt. Being able to work with Justin and create my own story was really fun because I wasn't doing something I was required to do, it was a topic that I had chosen myself."

- Sapphire, Year 4

"We got to share our monster poems with Yr4 in the hall and they were all really impressed with what we had written. It made me feel like I was a good writer and I was proud. We wrote monster poems because we were learning about 'The Iron Man' who was a bit like a monster. Justin gave us lots of ideas to help with our writing and he was really funny. I liked him alot."

- Evie, Year 3

Shakespeare Schools

This year, our Year 5 team took part in Shakespeare Schools to learn, perform and direct the two Shakespeare plays 'A Midsummer Night's Dream' and 'The Tempest'.

They did a fantastic job as you can see below.

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Tower Hamlets Writing Project

Each year, we take part in Tower Hamlets Creative Writing Project where the competition is for students aged six years to sixteen. It has been run by Tower Hamlets Schools Library Service since 2011 with the aims of promoting wider reading and literacy, and to encourage young people to express themselves through the written word.

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Oracy Project

This year we have been involved in the Tower Hamlets Oracy Project. This supported key teachers in developing their skills when thinking about Oracy in the classroom. The project was led by Nicole Gurvidi and had focus support from David Reedy. In 22/23 we will continue to work in partnership with them looking to expand our understanding of Oracy. We will be aiming to achieve Bronze Oracy Award as we embed the key skills across the school.

Dance in Writing Project

Starting September 2022, we will start a fully funded two-year relationship with Akram Khan Dance Company, supported by THAMES. Two teachers will work with Akram Khan Company alongside their classes. The first year of the project will be learning dance strategies and exploring how movement can be utilised within the curriculum to tell stories and as a form of expression. The second year will be more focussed on curation and performance as the teachers take more control of how they want to utilise the skills learned within their classes - with a spectacular finale! By the end of the project, we should have two teachers in our school who feel confident using dance within the curriculum and hopefully empowered enough to share further with other teachers and students!

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