At OLSJ we teach history and geography through weekly topic lessons. Each year group develops an engaging and exciting topic curriculum that is taught in a cross-curricular way. Often, a topic lends itself to either history or geography however we aim to include a variety of each aspect in the topic as well as aspects of PSHCE, art and design, music and ICT.

The OLSJ curriculum has been designed so that the knowledge and skills taught in each Year group can be built upon as children progress through the school. Children experience ‘WOW’ topic launch moments; which are fun and memorable. They aim to enhance a child’s learning by bringing topics alive for example an immersion day, educational visits or inviting guest speakers into school. In addition to this we please great emphasis on learning outside of the classroom.

At OLSJ we have a variety of themed days or weeks, which are organised, through our cultural calendar. These focus on many different elements of the curriculum and the skills that children need to develop. They could focus on E-safety, anti-bullying, St David’s day, Eid or aspirational jobs.

At the end of each topic, the children themselves complete a feedback questionnaire to let us know if they’ve enjoyed it, what they would like to learn more about on that topic and other areas they would like teachers to focus on. We find that where the children take control of their own education it really encourages them to develop as learners.