At Our Lady’s & St Joseph Catholic Primary School we use the Story Telling approach to develop the children’s writing. This has been used within the school since the amalgamation and is thoroughly embedded. We use high quality, interesting texts to engage the children; these are used as the basis to teach the new national curriculum. It starts with a process called Hear, Map, Step and Speak where the children learn the key features and language linked to the text through talking and retelling it. This verbalisation is key for the children to help them learn to write it.  The process is heavily developed around talk, and has been very successful throughout the school.

To support spelling we use No Nonsense Spelling. There is dedicated time for this subject within each year group’s timetable (except year 1 who focus on phonics and key words).

To ensure consistency and high levels of handwriting, we have a specific cursive font that we developed and decided on as a staff. The letters can be seen below: