Prayer and Liturgy

In essential part of the Catholic ethos of our school is the prayer life. Staff meetings and Governors meetings begin with a prayer. The most important aspect of prayer for children is that they realise it is their way of communicating with God and is first and foremost a personal occasion. Children are encouraged to pray in different ways according to their age and personal development.

Children are introduced to a variety of different ways of praying:

  • quiet reflection / meditation
  • praying together
  • writing own prayers
  • prayers through music
  • learning traditional Christian / Catholic prayers
  • Staff are encouraged to pray with children, and to be an example for them

Every day, our children are taught to open their hearts and talk to God. Every class partakes in daily prayers which are said at different stages in the day.

Collective Worship

Collective worship in our school community provides opportunities to:

  • Deepen our relationship with God
  • Grow in spiritual, moral and liturgical understanding; grow in understanding of our living faith tradition
  • Develop a sense of wonder and inspiration in the person of Christ
  • Reflect upon our own individual faith journeys and develop the skills of prayer. Collective worship is celebrated in a variety of ways including:
  • Whole school worship
  • Class worship
  • Worship through hymns
  • Class mass or liturgy
  • Whole school masses during the year, including holy days of obligation during term time.