British Values

‘With Christ at our centre, we love, listen and learn’

Through our school mission statement, we at Our Lady & St Joseph Catholic Primary School are committed to modeling and teaching both British and Gospel Values. Along with our Governors, we are continually striving to prepare pupils for life in modern Britain. Our curriculum and policies demonstrate that we expect all children to have an awareness and respect for others, take responsibility for their own actions, understand their responsibility as a positive member of society and have an awareness of British values and traditions.

We teach our children British Values through every aspect of school life and we also work closely with the local and wider community to foster positive relationships and aspirational role models for the pupils at Our Lady & St Joseph.


At Our Lady & St Joseph, we actively model and promote democracy within our school, and this is achieved in a variety of ways, to ensure that our pupils are equipped to fulfill their responsibilities as citizens of a democracy.

How we promote democracy at OLSJ:

  • Elect class representatives for the school council
  • Pupil interviews
  • Class debates
  • Critical thinking in PSHCE lessons
  • Independent research and teamwork
  • Year 6 visits to parliament
  • Visits to and from the fire services
  • Visits to and from the Police
  • School Council
  • Voting on our school website
  • Suggestion boxes.
  • Caritas Week and Corporal Acts of Mercy
  • Have knowledge of inspirational figures such as Mother Teresa, Martin Luther King and Barrack Obama

The Rule of Law

At Our Lady & St Joseph we actively model and promote the rule of law within our school, and this is achieved in a variety of ways to ensure that our pupils understand why rules and laws are necessary in their classes, in our school and across society as a whole.

How we promote the rule of law at OLSJ:

  • School mission statement
  • Gospel Values
  • Behaviour Policy
  • Charities (Cancer Research coffee morning, Comic Relief, Sports Relief)
  • Gospel Value certificates and Golden Book rewarded for following the Gospel Values through our weekly celebration assemblies
  • Visits from police and fire services.
  • E-safety talks
  • Participation in Armistice Services within the community
  • Parent workshops – employment, child development and E-safety
  • Recycling workshops

Individual Liberty

At Our Lady & St Joseph, we actively model and promote pupil’s individual liberty. We encourage pupils to exercise their rights and freedom by making safe choices through our provision of a safe learning environment.

How we promote individual liberty at OLSJ:

  • E-safety week
  • Equal opportunities for all children
  • Behaviour Policy
  • Challenge stereotypes through visitors into school
  • Multi-faith week
  • International week
  • Disability awareness
  • Anti-bullying week
  • Implement a strong anti-bullying culture
  • Jigsaw curriculum PSHCE
  • Aspirational targets
  • Range of extra-curricular clubs offered

Mutual Respect and Tolerance of those of Different Faiths and Belief

OLSJ is a multicultural school, united by our Catholic faith. We actively model and promote the Tolerance of those of Different Faiths and Beliefs by providing the opportunities to learn about other cultures. We also appreciate British traditions and customs, through themed assembly. With over 30% of our pupils having EAL we value the diverse ethnic backgrounds of our families and undertake a variety of events and lessons to celebrate these.

How we promote mutual respect and tolerance of those of different faiths and belief at OLSJ:

  • Mission statement
  • Gospel Values
  • Behaviour Policy
  • Cultural calendar
  • Assemblies and masses
  • RE curriculum
  • PSHCE curriculum - discuss and celebrate the differences between people such as differences of faith, ethnicity, disability, gender and different family situations
  • Inter-faith week (includes trips to the Synagogue)
  • Geography – researching other countries and cultures
  • International Week
  • Balloon race
  • Women’s International sports event (year 3)
  • Local projects – Poplar Union, St Saviours
  • Gardening project at Canary Wharf
  • Growing market
  • African garden
  • Trips to Olympic stadium
  • Chaplaincy team cooking at St Mathias Centre
  • Paris trip for year 6
  • Religious educational visits - Churches, Cathedral, Jewish Museum, Synagogues, mandirs, Gurdwara and visit to Wintershall and Aspen Court