Reading - FAQs

Hopefully all questions can be answered through the pages regarding reading, however here are some frequently asked questions.

My child’s book is too easy. I think they need to move up to harder books.

The Class Teacher sets the book on your child’s ability. This is regularly assessed during our ‘Guided Reading’ and ‘Shared Reading’ sessions, as well as reading tests. It may seem that they can read the text, however they might not understand it fully. Ask your child’s class teacher for their view and advice on how to support your child to progress. One key thing to do is to ask a lot of questions about the book – more support can be found on the newsletter, or Reading at Home page.

How often does my child’s book get changed?

In Reception, Nursery, Year 1 and 2 books are changed weekly. We expect them to read them more than once to become fluent with them.

Can my child read a book from home?

In short, YES! The books sent home should be reading daily because it helps their development. However, if they read anything in addition to this please record it down as it is helpful to see what they enjoy.

Can my child bring a book in they have at home?

We have plenty of engaging and interesting books in school; however, we all understand that sometimes children want to read a specific book. If they would like to bring a book in to read at playtime or golden time, then that is totally fine. Just please make your child aware that we cannot be held responsible for any damage that happens to the book. Also, please ensure it has their name, and class in.

How should I read with my child?

We have produced lots of information to support you with this on the Reading at Home page.