Cultural Calendar



Lead Teacher

7th September


Miss Sennah

1st October – 31st October

(First Week)

Black History Month

(Please choose a school theme e.g. famous black musicians)


 Miss Finnegan, Mr Hicklin and Miss Hughes

19th October


Miss Lynch

9th November

Remembrance Day

Miss Peck

13th – 17th November

Anti-Bullying Week

Mrs Augustin, Miss Majasi

27th November


Whole School

30th November

St Andrew’s Day

(non-school uniform

wear blue)

Mr Everden

1st – 25th December

Celebrating Christmas

Whole School

6th January


Whole School

6th February

Safer Internet Day

Mr Cameron

13th February

Shrove Tuesday

Whole School

14th February

Saint Valentine’s Day

Mrs Turner

14th February

Ash Wednesday

Whole School

16th February

Chinese New Year – Year of the Rooster

Miss Cheung

1st March

World Book Day

Miss Sennah

1st March

St David’s Day

(wear yellow - daffodils)

Miss Jordan - Patrikios

11th March

Mothering Sunday

(coffee and cake morning)

Mrs Adams

17th March

St Patrick’s Day

(wear green)

Mr Devereux

19th March

St Joseph’s Day

Miss Crean

25th March

Palm Sunday

Whole School

30th March

Good Friday

Whole School

1st April

Easter Sunday

Whole School

23rd April

St George’s Day

(wear red and white)

Miss Cargill

1st May – 31st May

Month of Mary – Our Lady

Mr Devereux, Miss Lynch & Miss Crean

10th May

Ascension Day

Whole school

17th June

Father’s Day

(Football tournament)

Mr Cuming