Kingswood - Isle of Wight

Keep up to date with the latest pictures from Year 6 at Kingswood on the Isle of Wight, why not leave a comment at the bottom of the page to let us know what you think?



Deborah - I can\'t wait to go next year

Maelle (year 7) - I can see u guys had as much fun as the last yr 6 did

Nathan Betts - I had a good time at Kingswood and thank you for giving all your time. Thank you to Miss lynch, Mr Dexvero (sorry if I got it wrong), Miss Smith, Mr Cameron, Rory's nan, Rilley's mum and many more.

helen - I had such a great time at Kingswood 💁

holly b - I loved Kingswood so much. Thank you teachers for taking us

Julia (old yr 6) - Hope you guys enjoyed it!!!!

Julia Yr7 - Did you have a good time???

Rute - Hi Nicole can\'t wait to see you! Miss you lots😘❤️

Sandra (surayas mum) - Hi darling Suraya, carry on having fun can't wait to have u home and don't forget anything see you soon luv mumxx

vicky Reece\'s mum - Looks like you\'ve had fun babe love you lots see you when you get home x x x

Anita - Good morning darling Anya - it\'s Friday already!!! 😍😜 How time flies when you\'re having fun? 🎤🎧 Can\'t wait to see you darling. Have a lovely day and a safe journey back to all of you. Love you lots & God bless 💞💋💋 (mummy) P.S don\'t forget to pack all your things! 👍🏿👏🏿

lacey holly b mum - Hi Holly so looking forward to you coming home the house has been to quite with out you can\'t wait for u to let me knw about all the fun you had xx

Nina Nathan\'s Mum - Good Morning Nathan, looking forward to see you later today. Safe journey home and lots of love for the rest of the activities today. Missed you very much. Love Mummy

Dad and Mum - Precious we can\'t wait to see you today. We wish you all safe journey back In Jesus Name. Smile Jesus loves you.

Joshua (Precious Bro) - I love Precious, I can see you are having fun. go Precious! go Precious!! go Precious!!! missing you.

Faith - Hi Precious, I can\'t wait to see you tomorrow. I haven\'t been seeing much of you in these pictures, miss you xoxo

Mrs B. Iyobhebhe (Precious mum) - Hello Precious, hope you are having a brilliant time and I am sure you have enjoyed yourself. missing you& love you xx

Muna - Paul I can't wait for you to come back tomorrow, I was crying all week 👪👨‍👩‍👧‍👦👨‍👩‍👧‍👦👨‍👩‍👧‍👦😱😱💙💙💙💙💙❤️❤️❤️❤️

janet baker holly nan - I would like to say a big thank you to all the staff for keeping us up to date with all the lovely photos children looks like they all at a good time safe journey home tomorrow

Joella - Can't wait to see you tomorrow miss you 😘😃

Myra - Hi Jacob, I hope you are having a great time, you all look like you\'re having loads of fun! I miss you so much and can\'t wait to have you home but I know you and your friends will all be having a brilliant time. Thanks to the school for putting on what looks to be a fantastic trip!

Maria - Hello Yasmina - Hoping to see you in some pictures soon and hope you enjoy the rest of your evening. X (Mum)

Maria - Hello Yasmina darling - we miss you lots. Hope you are having much fun and look forward to having you in my arms again tomorrow. Dominic misses you also and sends his love. See you soon. Xxx Maria (mum)

Khai, demi, sonny and miss hamilton - Hope you're having a lovely holiday

Emily\'s Mum - Hope you are having a good time, we miss you lots, see you soon, lots of love, Mummy, Daddy and Leo xoxoxo

Miss Hamilton - Looks like you\'re all having a great time. Good to see so many smiling faces. Hope you\'ve all had an amazing time. Looking forward to seeing you all next week. Missed you all.

Sandra (surat as mum) - Hi suraya
It looks like your having fun carry on enjoying yourself look forward to seeing you tomorrow luv u miss u
Luv mum xx

Anita - Good Morning Anya - Have a fab day! Love you xxx

Nina - Good Morning Nathan missing you and continue to have lots of fun. I love you loads.

Nina - I want to thank OLSJ for organising this trip and making sure we are kept in touch with all activities kids are doing. The smiles on there faces says it all they are having a great time. Thanks to all the teachers and support staff making this trip a memorable one. Nina Nathan\'s mum.

Charley-Sunya\'s mum - Hi Sunya I can see you are having so much fun, we are all so proud of you and missing you loads. Keep having fun and we will see you soon lots of love mum & family xxxxxx

Joella, Joelinda Mum and Dad - Joeline my sweetheart we miss you sooooooooooo much I am glad you are having fun. Can\'t wait to have you in my arms again my baby. We all love you very much and enjoy the rest of your trip. Xxxxx

mum dad and macey - Looks like your having a great time Charlie , missing you loads its so quite at home without you, just not the same love you lots! see you soon! have fun!

Joella - miss you loads joeline was crying😂😘

mark\'s Dad, mum and his brothers ... we hope you guys are having a great time! !Enjoy! !!!! - Have fun guys! !!!!!!

Monica Archie\'s mum - Hi Puppet hope you having fun, miss u! More pics of you please xx

suraya mum - it is a lovely pic in the pool of suraya and anya

Yatty Anya\'s dad. - Anya dearest! Have a wonderful time. You are greatly are missed already. Keep having fun & hope to see you soon.

Sandra (mum) - Hi my darling Suraya
I hope you're having fun can't wait to see you we all miss you luv all the family and ham the cat💋👪😻 xx

Holly Baker mum - Hi Holly glad to see you are enjoying yourself everyone at home is missing you loads the house is quite enjoy your day love u loads mummy daddy jess Alfie xxxxxxx

Anita - Good morning darling Anya! Wishing you a lovely and fun filled day and hope you have a really good time @ your much awaited disco/party! Love you X 😍😀💋❤️

Malcolm Reece\'s dad - Hope you're having fun son. We are missing you loads ;oD X

Valencia - Dajoune we miss you loads but we can see that you are enjoying yourself. Have loads more fun and enjoy the rest of your trip Love mummy and Roch Anne xxxxxxxx

sandra - Night Suraya

janet baker holly nan - Hi holly hope you are having a good time missimg you so much can\'t wait till Friday to see you love you lots nanny and farvie xx

Mrs Augustin - Great to see so many smiling faces, looks like you are all having a lot of fun. Keep on enjoying it.

Anaya - Hi Anya! I can see you are having a great time! I miss you. XXX OOO. I am now on Sumdog.. See you soon. XX OO

Nanny and Auntie Al Al. - Hello Hollie, hope you're having a really good time, take care, we love you xx

suraya mum - Hope you're having a nice time (mum and family)

FB - How's it going?

Mum and nanny Ethan Anthony Tia grace Nat nat Steve - Hi Suraya
We hope you are enjoying yourself we all miss you very much and we will see you soon we all love u xx

Sandra and linda - Hi Suraya we all miss u and stay strong c u soon darling xx

Mrs Adams - You all look like you are having such a great time!!

Nina - Nathan missing you a lot, am sure you are having a lot of fun hoping to see you in some pictures later. Love you very much. Mum

Anita - Anya it\'s not the same without you. We miss you lots but you are doing well. Keep having fun! Love you lots (Mummy & Anaya)

Anita - Well done OLSJ for putting this trip together - brilliant!

Oliver, Mum, Dad - Have a brilliant time Amelie! We love and miss you...take care!

Haddi and Muna - Have a nice day Paul we miss you ALREADY!

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