Year 3 Easter Show 2017


stephany - I thought this play was really fun and we worked really hard and I was a pharisees in the black with the scarf. Also I really miss my teacher Miss Patel she left

Belle - I really enjoyed this play

Maria.n. - It was amazing especially being an angel I was the one on the left at the very end and it was the most incredible play I've ever done so please comment below if you enjoyed it as we had to practise for a long time which I mean about 3 to four weeks!

Luke - Woah that was a lot of lines. But it didn't hurt my throat though. It was hard learning all the lines, I would need a script nearly EVERY time we practised but soon I got the hang of it. Thank you God for Jesus and your family. Thank you god for the sacrifice of Jesus for Easter and the ram. YOU'RE the best JESUS and GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!😇😉😁🌠😀😍🌍🎁

Stephany - We worked so hard on the play! We had to work for like about 5 whole weeks each day! It was amazing!

Tania - I loved practising, it was fun.

Miss attard - Amazing production year 3!! You all did so well... I didn\'t want it to end!! All your hard work paid off!

Stephany - The play was so fun to do because we practiced for 3 whole weeks. I was a Pharisees so please enjoy the play we had to work really hard to make it the best play ever. I thought that me and my whole class and Isaiah did a great job for doing the Easter play 🐇 If you liked the play please comment down below on the school website!!! Miss Chadwick enjoyed the play so much when I went to choir we were singing Put a Little Love In Your Heart. It was so fun! ❤️ Think of your fellow man, lend him a helping hand, put a little love in your heart! Next year if you want to go choir please come everyone.

Millena da silva pinheiro - I\'m Mary. My friend is in the pink scarf and I\'m the blue one

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