After School Care

Our Lady & St Joseph Catholic Primary School provides free After School Care provision for up to 70 children. This service is invaluable to our school community.

After School Care starts at 3:30pm and finishes at 5:30pm. It is separate and in addition to all the other after school clubs which we run.

During After School Care our children have the opportunity to read, complete their homework, play games and enjoy various sporting activities, supported by a team of high quality trained staff.

Each child attending After School Care receives a healthy snack. This helps them to boost their energy levels and keep them full until they get home for dinner.

Snacks include:

  • A selection of soups with homemade bread. 
  • A variety of drinks (milkshakes, pure orange or apple juice)
  • A choice of cheese or ham sandwiches.
  • A selection of fruits. 
  • A dessert such as a flapjack or cake.

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