KS1 Christmas Show 2017 - A Midwife Crisis


Dina c - It was so fun I can’t believe that’s me

Violet (used to go there) - I’m so proud of you all well done even though I’ve moved on

Alessandra - Amazing

Belle bay - I loved doing it

Caroline (parent Givenor) - A brilliant performance.
Well done to all the children and teachers.

vera - It was wonderful and nice.

Ria - What a lovely Christmas nativity. It was wonderful to watch my daughters last play, I'm such a proud mother. Well done to all the staff and children you was amazing. Well done miss Cargill, good bye all the best for the future. You are an amazing teacher and will be truly missed by all.

Belle - Well done ks1 you did really well

Bing - Great work! Brilliant!

Jackie - Wonderful!

Fab - Simply beautiful! Tears in my eyes!!!! Merry Christmas!!!

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