Talent Show 2017


Nathaniel in year 3 in 2020 - Daniel was my neighbour in 2017 and 2018

Violet - I enjoyed this very much I was so young love it

kelsie - I enjoyed the talent show so much but I'm sad that we didn't win

Joshua Yr 7 - Watching this vid brings back so many memories I wanna thank all the yr 6 teachers and below for teaching the school

Zackaton - The girl in the black dress singing the moana song is really good :)

Dina - I loved singing

Lily - This was so good well done for all the people that participated

Rhys year5 Jonah - Hi it's me Rhys in year 5. Jonah that was amazing

destiny year 5 Amos - I enjoyed all the acts and I'm sill standing yeh yeh!!!

Taylor - It was fantastic I think Miss J.P. loved it as well because I was in front of her and she was having a little party!

taylor rae - Congratulations. I really loved it. Judges you did a great job. Loved it. GO OLSJ!

Addis - Why do I so und like a girl in this . (No wonder people tell me that ) I sound so different/better in my head . Congrats to everyone who took part in the show. Also the song is called Dance to forget if you haven't heard of it before and once more congrats everyone who took part and judged in this ( Yeah Yeah Yeah ) That song should be in everyone's heads by now.

Sean Gims - Miss Cargel, we miss you

maria - It was amazing

VERA - It was very good. Well done to everyone who took part.

Seven - So good

Belle - I enjoyed doing this

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