On Your Marks, Get Set, Cook!

Highlights of our cooking challenge assembly hosted by Chartwells, our school caterer.

You can find out more, and see some photographs of the event on the Year 6 blog.


Olivia - They were both good, but red was better

Annie / Anya - That was really good Mrs E, but Mr W was awesome!

Maggie - They both looked good, well done

Taylor yr2 - I loved to look at what they were doing, and all the teachers.

justina - I think it was nice that Red team won but it does not mater.I was voting for Green team.

Addis - I am sure that we all had the best time from the starting to the end and the teems were both good

Deborah - Now we all know the most important meal of the day is BREAKFAST!

Sonny - I think On Your Marks, Get Set, Cook was exciting. I was voting for the green team.

vera - Good, nice.

Chloe Harris year 4 - Thank you to all the people that helped, it was so fun watching

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