OLSJ's Got Talent 2019


Violet - Omg I’m so proud of you guys even tho I’m not there anymore I’m still proud of Brodie, Jennifer and Thiolisa

Theresafay - That was lovely

jamie - Well done to everyone you all did great

Plus - Wow

Miya - I love this talent show

Rubie rose - Thanks Belle ! Your class was great too! I loved Lucas productions. Talia was amazing and so brave ! Well done Jeremiah and Talia(and Belle )

Duygu - Every show was a masterpiece, but Year 4 Daniel really deserved it.Well done for everyone!

Faran - Thank you Mr Scott

Faran - What Lucas did was good

Faran - Come on Daniel

Joelinda - Well done too everybody that had attended OLSJ got talent I am thrilled my class have won but a massive well done to all the other classes!

Stephany - This was fun to learn and sing.

Belle - Well done Daniel! You done great even though my class didn’t win but I had a great time dancing to girls like you. Well done to Talia as well in my class her singing was amazing

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