Hello From Friends 2


miss mclagan - hi everyone absolutely enjoyed the videos stay safe and be good for your families xx

Kayleigh - Ha everyone I hope you're all staying safe and can’t wait to see you soon love you and don’t forget to wash your hands

aydin - I won't see you, stay safe

Kirsty Gager - I hope everyone is staying safe during these tough times I hope that everyone will get to see each other sometime

Lizzie - Love these clips, Damien asked for one from Gabriel..

Togun and Swaka’s mum - Nice show up, well done school we missed you all

Tracy and jude hanmore - Thank you to all at OLSJ for putting this video together! I think you have done an amazing job thank you keep safe x

Jamie - Well done, my favourite one is the rapper "I miss my friends" 😂😂

Nathaniel - Hello

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