Chinese New Year Balloon Release

To celebrate the Chinese year of the Monkey we released balloons with the school address attached. We're asking anyone who received a balloon to post the card back to us so we can see how far they travelled.


Freddie - Thank you Mr Bond for this.

Tyrel - It was so good and it reminded me of when we did it in Our Lady's. Thank you Mr Bond, you're my best teacher.

Tamann - That was so good. So lovely to see Mr Bond, thanks!!!😀😀😀😀

Mr W Allgood - Hello there, I found ticket number 44209 (Joshua's Class) today while walking my dogs! I'm afraid that I can't beat Belgium for distance but I live in Hollingbourne, Kent.

Teresa Parker - Thank you for organising the balloon race Mr Bond, it looked fantastic and made the sky look amazing.

Luke - Thank you. My class can't stop thinking about it and it was like lanterns!

Frae - Thanks Mr Bond, the balloon race was great 😍

codie - Thanks Mr Bond the balloon race was awesome

Ben - Thank you for the balloon race Mr Bond

Martine - We've found Ben's balloon today! It went as far as Sint-Maria-Oudenhove (Belgium). We'll send back your card.

fredricca - It was so cool

priya - Best thing I ever saw in my life. Thank you Mr Bond 💖💖💖💜

Maggie - Thanks Mr Bond, I loved it ❤️❤️❤️

Anuraag and Anubhav - We really enjoyed the balloon race, and can't stop talking about it. Thank you so much !!

Elsa, Emma & Emily - Thanks Mr Bond, the balloon race was awesome and it was a wonderful sight.

Stara - So much fun

vera - Thank you Mr Bond for the balloon race

helen&nicholas - It was so fun and colourful !!!!

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