Balloon Race 2017

Our balloons are starting to turn up all over the place! Here are the responses we've received so far.

Saturday Kitchen TV Set

Henry's (Year 1) balloon was found by the production team at BBC One's Saturday Kitchen.



Maria.N. - Well done Henry!!!

Linda Blough - I found this balloon when walking my dog in Nonington, Kent. I live in a Christian Community called Beech Grove. I found this on February 14th. The tag says "MISS J. P, Yes A" and the message on the back says "I hope this year will be filled with happiness for everyone." Thank you for the good wishes.

Belle - Well done to you Henry

Trish - Jonah Yr 5, we found yours on the 10th hole at Richmond Park Golf Course! SW15 3SA

Millena - Well done Henry!

Mr Everden - That\'s amazing! Looking forward to see where the rest go!

stephany - He is really lucky because that ballon could have gone anywhere

Howard Moss - I have found a balloon in our garden - it belongs to Sienna H in Yr1. I will send in the tag soon. It was in Farnborough in Hampshire GU14 8JT

vera - Well done Henry.

max - He is lucky, that could of gone anywhere.

Stephany - I wish my balloon could go really far like all the way to America!!! 🎈🎊

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