EYFS Christmas Performance 2015

Nursery and Reception told us the Christmas story with some brilliant acting and lovely songs.


Belle - Wow I really liked it.

helen - Great performance early years!!

nicole - Well done guys, you have put a lovely nativity together

Miss Cargill - Amazing EYFS!! Well done! xxx

vera - It was nice and lovely

Annie - We'll done, great performance :)

khai - They were so cute

Jackie - Awwww lovely nativity! well done to all children and staff 🌟

Deborah - That was amazing

Olubusola - Awesome performance. Well done to all teachers and students who put this together.

Caroline- - A beautiful production, all children did well.

Maggie - Well done, that's hard work

Ria - All the children looked lovely and did very well. The teachers did a really good job putting this together and getting the children to learn all their lines. I truly am a proud mother!!

Gabby - It was a lovely performance 😀

Lavinia David - It was a magical day and an angelic performance. The children were a ray of light between us the adults. Is the first time when our son has the opportunity to be Joseph. Thank you to the teachers and to the children for a blessed morning. God bless you all.

Sheila - Beautiful

Lucy Osei - The Christmas play was awesome so beautiful is brought tears to my eyes. Well organised well done 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾😊

MAGGIE - Well done very good work

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