KS1 Nativity 2014


vera - Looks good because they did it well

vera - Good!

Taylor - I think it was extremely AMAZING and spectacular and there was 108 children in there as well

Some - Well done lily and class. Great!
From sonny

Misrak (Elianas mum) - Very nice and I congratulate everyone who worked hard to make this happen.

Mimy (David T.\'s mum) - I wasn\'t there that day because of my work but I am really pleased, that was amazing seeing children perform like that and my baby boy was so cute, thank you so much for the video and the children were just wonderful, I\'m speechless!
All the best for the year 2015 and God bless you all.

helen - A beautiful performance, you sang your hearts out

Vera - Very Good

vera - Looks good!

Slim (Alice\'s best friend) - What a great play I'm very proud of you Alice and all your class mates have a merry Xmas ho ho ho love slim xxx

Deborah - That was excellent

Debbie ( Hayden broericks mum) - As always, emotional to see them all do so well! So proud of them all! Lovely performance by all and great work by the teachers who helped making their Christmas play so special!
Merry Christmas to all xxx 🎅

ALFIE barrythake - You're the best staff and teachers ever!

claire archie l mum - The play was brilliant, all the children done well, was lovely too watch. Well done xx

Freddie (Alfie barry-Thakes brother ) - The play was astonishing, the songs were great I still have them in my mind. Have a Merry Christmas everyone

Sue ( Alfie Barry-Thake\'s nan) - Your Nativity play was excellent! All of the children looked like they were having fun, the songs and actions were amazing!! Congratulations to all the staff & of course the children. A very special well done to the most fabulous Joseph EVER, my gorgeous grandson Alfie Barry-Thake :~} Merry Christmas & enjoy your break.

Natalie (Alfie\'s mum) - The play was amazing, loads of hard work by all the lovely staff. Well done all the children they all looked, sung, and spoke beautifully 😇
Alfie was the best Joseph I ever seen. 😘 Merry Christmas everybody xxx

Miss Sutton. - A Beautiful Nativity. You all sang your hearts out and gave us your best. You all look wonderful too. I am very proud of all of you. Well Done and Happy Christmas.

Miss Cargill - Thank you parents for coming this morning!! And to those who didn\'t, I hope you enjoyed the video (very professional!!). The children were amazing, I am so so proud of each of them and you should be too! They learnt all the songs, actions and words in record time and were really hard working and dedicated through out the process. Well done children, you were amazing.

Merry Christmas! :)

Miss Cargill xx

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