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RE Homework Summer 2

Summer 2- Homework

AT2 Question- to be completed on the RE Blog the first and last week of term

What modern day disciples are an inspiration to you today?

RE Homework Project

Create a stained glass window depiction of a disciple, a follower of God.

This needs to be handed in by Tuesday, 25th June at the latest

The projects can be handed in to class or a picture emailed to 

Catholic Social Studies

In Key Stage 1, 

All classes work together to give their ideas about what it means to love and respect one another, and treating each other with love and kindness and to also love people enough to want to be a part of a greater community. They spoke about taking care of the planet, also how their neighbors are their friends in class, and what they do for their classmates.

In Lower Key Stage 2,

Lower key stage 2 really spoke about fair trade and how we can ensure that people are not taken advantage of, and will have enough to take care of their families and grow their businesses. They also looked at how having community gardens and growing plants could help them in regard to the common good and help the planet.

In Upper Key Stage 2,

All the students really did well in putting their ideas across, to explain how we can practice the common good in our everyday lives and what others can also do. They suggested things such as not putting plastic in the sea, treating others the way you want to be treated, and introducing community gardens.

Catholic social studies

In Key Stage 1, 

This week key stage 1 looked at what a community truly meant and how important it is to work together in a community. They also were very interested in how they could help one another, they all spoke about how everyone is their neighbor, and how they have helped their friend in the past. Ultimately they had a really good lesson.

In Lower Key Stage 2, 

Lower key stage 2 Also looked at how they could help others, they looked at the talents and gifts that they possess and would allow them to help their neighbor who maybe in need. They Also put together some great ideas in regard to the importance of treating each other as though we are all one family.

In Upper Key Stage 2, 

Upper Key stage 2 started some very intriguing conversations, looking into why God allows his people to suffer and how God truly loves us and how we are to love one another the same. They really got into the lesson, spending a lot of time asking questions on God’s love, the class learned a lot and did really well in their lesson