OLSJ ‘Sacred Space’ project winners

For the Easter break, all classes were set a task to design their own Sacred Spaces. Year 1 and 2 had to design their own Catholic Church. Year 3 and 4 has to design a ‘shared sacred space’ for Christians and Jews.  Year 5 and 6 had to design a ‘shared sacred space’ for a hospital, airport, prison or shopping and consider how this could accommodate Christians, Jews, Muslims, Hindus and non-religious people.

Below are the winners from each class, who won a rosary bead. Well done to everyone that created a space. They thought and effort was remarkable.

Samuel, Malachi and Maccabees pray the Rosary

Today both year 6 classes, Malachi and Maccabees joined in prayer with Reception class Samuel to pray a decade of the Rosary. Alice, our head girl and Alfie and Eliana, two members of our Chaplaincy Team lead us all in prayer, praying one decade of the Rosary. To finish praying the Rosary, Suraya from Reception showed us how Reception pray to Mary daily. Everyone joined in. When Suraya said, “Mary our Mother”, everyone responded with “Pray for us”.