Diwali in year 3

In Y3 we looked at what happens at Diwali festival, we looked for similarities and differences between Hinduism and Catholicism.

We learnt both see light as a sign of goodness and god. We then learnt a song based around Diwali. We then came up with our own actions to go with it.

Year 4 Rosary

As it is the month of Mary, Year 4 spent some time in the Prayer Garden On Thursday 12th October. Before we went to the Prayer Garden, we learned about the Rosary, and in particular the Luminous Mysteries, which are only said on a Thursday. We found out that the Luminous Mysteries are the mysteries of light. There are five: The Baptism of Jesus, The Wedding at Cana, The Proclamation of the Kingdom of God, The Transfiguration and The Institution of the Eucharist. We said a special prayer for each of the luminous mysteries before praying a decade of the rosary together as a year group. It was nice to take time from our busy days to reflect and pray to Our Lady.

Nursery pray to Mary

Nursery made a special visit to the prayer garden, where we said a simple version of the rosary: ‘Mary Our Mother, pray for us.’ The children were also interested in the statue in the garden, which sparked a discussion about Mary and Jesus.

The Rosary Assembly

Today in OLSJ, we were extremely proud ourselves as we lead a worship for year 5 and 6. We learned how to say the rosary and showed our peers how to also. Everyone got involved and we felt really special prying to Our Lady. Thanks to everyone who joined in.

Chris, Joella, Ruth and River