1. 1 Step Money problems – Read and interpret a word problem involving addition or subtraction and then solve.
  2. 2 Step Money problems – Read and interpret a word problem. Calculate the cost of 2 items and then find change from a given amount.
  3. Using a Calculator: Finding Change – Answer a variety of 2 step word problems using a calculator. Whatever is input into the calculator is then recorded and displayed.
  4. Adding Money – Digit Drag
  5. Money Multiplication Problems
  6. Fewest Coins
  7. Fixed Number Of Coins
  8. Different ways to pay
  9. How much more money?
  10. Money snap!
  11. Coin machine game
  12. Going to the bank
  13. Shop till you drop
  14. Change game
  15. Shopping game
  16. Check-out challenge
  17. Subtracting with money
  18. The party shop
  19. Bargains Galore
  20. The Legend Of Dick & Dom: Money
  21. Money quiz 1
  22. Money quiz 2


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