Multiplication and Times Tables

Here are quite a few links for you to develop your multiplication skills and times table knowledge.


  1. BBC Bitesize: Multiplication Introduction
  2. BBC Skillswise: Mental Maths Multiplication Conveyor Belt
  3. BBC Skillswise: Mental Maths Multiplication Problem Solving Conveyor Belt
  4. BBC Skillswise: Mental Maths Fridge Magnets
  5. BBC Skillswise: 3 Level Mental Multiplication Quiz
  6. BBC Skillswise: Multiplication Quiz
  7. BBC Skillswise: Multiplication by splitting – good for grid multiplication revision
  8. Speedgrid: Multiplication
  9. Sum Sense: Multiplication
  10. Multiplication Facts Puzzle
  11. BBC Schools: Multiplication Activity 1
  12. BBC Schools: Multiplication Activity 2
  13. BBC Bitesize: Multiplication Quiz
  14. BBC: BAMZOOKi Multiplication and Division Game
  15. Bracket Basics

Times Tables

  1. BBC Skillswise: Times Table Grid – fill in the gaps!
  2. Math Magician: Multiplication Challenge
  3. Math Magician: Mixed Challenges
  4. Penguin Jump
  5. Grand Prix Multiplication
  6. Space Race
  7. Meteor Multiplication
  8. Tractor Multiplication
  9. Balloon Invaders
  10. Space Racer
  11. Hit The Button
  12. Learn Your Tables!
  13. Table Trees
  14. Ambleweb Table Tester
  15. Ghostblasters: Multiples
  16. Mad4Maths: Times Table Games
  17. Calculation Balance

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