Maths Week in Miss Lynch’s Set

For Maths Week, year 6 were challenged to problem solving different equations with emojis! Starting off with some of the easier problems and moving onto some that the children found more challenging. They enjoyed working these out and seeing who got to the right answer and how quickly they could while sharing strategies! At the end of the lesson, they were able to make up their own problem to test their partners. 
Some very great working out, well done!

Zechariah Class: Exploring Electrical Circuits

This afternoon, Zechariah class were working in groups to create different electrical circuits. Each group successfully created a complete circuit in which electricity could flow and light up a lightbulb. They then started exploring the effect adding a second lightbulb would have and adding a motor/buzzer.

It was a very fun and exciting practical lesson and really consolidated our learning about electricity thus far this half term 🙂

Exploring Electrical Circuits

In year 4, we looked at Electricity. As such, in order to refresh our memory, we spent this lesson exploring different electrical components and
trying to complete simple circuits from memory. Students were asked to come to the front of the class and choose the equipment they thought they’d to make a complete circuit. Students were exploring with light bulbs, cells, buzzers and switches. We didn’t have many cells in class. This proved to be a further challenge as students needed to work together to predict the functionality of the circuit and then build it accordingly looking at results.

Half Moon Theatre: Road Safety Workshop

This morning, the Half Moon Theatre led a workshop for our Year 6 students on the importance of Road Safety.

Our morning started with some fun group games to loosen us up before acting out some scenarios which highlighted the dangers on our roads. Students were asked to get into groups and act out an everyday scenario (for example two friends crossing a road together).

After each performance, we discussed the dangers involved and what we should do to ensure our safety on the roads.

Not only was it an extremely informative workshop, but it was also very fun and an opportunity for our students to showcase their creativity 🙂

Digital Camera

Digital Camera

Digital Camera

Digital Camera

Zechariah Class: Our Very Own Advent Calendar

This afternoon, the students of Zechariah class were hard at work composing their own, personal prayers about Advent. We then displayed our prayers on the window so it can serve as our very own Advent calendar. We are very excited to have our own ‘countdown to Christmas’ in class and are looking forward to reading out the prayers each day as we pass through the preparational season of Advent. Well done, everyone 🙂

Zechariah Class: Victorian Theatres

Over the half term holidays, Zechariah class were busy creating their very own models of a Victorian Theatre. I have been blown away by the creativity of our students and applaud them all for their amazing efforts. Well done, everyone! 🙂

See below for a sneak peek of some of the incredible creations 🙂