Zechariah Class: Our Very Own Advent Calendar

This afternoon, the students of Zechariah class were hard at work composing their own, personal prayers about Advent. We then displayed our prayers on the window so it can serve as our very own Advent calendar. We are very excited to have our own ‘countdown to Christmas’ in class and are looking forward to reading out the prayers each day as we pass through the preparational season of Advent. Well done, everyone 🙂

Zechariah Class: Victorian Theatres

Over the half term holidays, Zechariah class were busy creating their very own models of a Victorian Theatre. I have been blown away by the creativity of our students and applaud them all for their amazing efforts. Well done, everyone! 🙂

See below for a sneak peek of some of the incredible creations 🙂

Tower Hamlets Junior Citizenship Scheme

Today, year 6 took part in the Tower Hamlets Junior Citizenship scheme, a unique and invaluable opportunity for our children to learn citizenship messages and life skills from participating agencies,
including: Metropolitan Police, London Fire Brigade, Tower Hamlets Council, The Dogs Trust and our own Transport for London Safety and Citizenship Team.
We spent our afternoon session taking part in interactive scenarios that
taught us strategies for leading a safer and more responsible lifestyle.

Zechariah Trip:Ragged School

Yesterday, Zechariah class went on a trip to the Ragged School Museum in Mile End, where they got to experience first hand what it would have been like to have been a student in the Victorian Times.

They experienced lessons such as Vocal Gymnastics (where they had to repeat complex sentences after the teacher) and handwriting (which was far more intricate in design than that which they are used to).

Miss Perkins, their teacher for the afternoon, was very strict and showed them a wide range of punishments which were used back in those times for example the dunce’s hat, which was used to humiliate children when they got a question wrong.

It was an incredibly fun afternoon and an entertaining way of learning more about student life in the 19th Century,.

The Wrath of Miss Perkins

Malachi class went back in time to the 6th November
1889, to the Ragged School in Copperfield (run by Dr.
Barnardo). Miss Perkins, who was our class teacher for the
afternoon, gave us an experience that will be difficult to
forget. We all got to see what life was like for a child in the
Victorian Era. We got an insight into the importance of
attendance, punctuality, cleanliness, handing out supplies,
prayer, spellings, vocal gymnastics and behaviour in class.
Everything learned will have in impact on each person’s
future. Thank goodness we don’t have the cane anymore!