Lenten Promises in year 2

As it is the season of Lent, we wrote a Lenten promise to show how we will be contributing towards the 3 practices of Lent. These can be found on our RE display. We wrote about what our commitment to Lent was and explored how these traditions have come about.

Reception Lenten Tree

Reception has created a Lenten tree by writing their Lent promises
on leaves. Many children would like to do better in school, make a
bigger effort to help with household chores and to look after each

The Sacrament of Baptism

Today in Year 1 we talked about the words and actions used in the Sacrament of Baptism. We talked about the symbol of water and oil used by the priest during the Sacrament of Baptism. In groups we role played a Baptism using; words, actions and symbols.

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Volunteering at St Matthias

Tonight, Miss MacFarlane, Miss Martin and Miss Raistrick brought 4 enthusiastic children, Annie, Frankie, James and Johnny to the St. Matthias Homeless Shelter to give Sister Chris a helping hand. Have a look at the hard work they did to ensure they served those in need in our community. Well done to you all. What an inspirational team following in the footsteps of Jesus!

God is present in everything we do

In Year 1 we learned that although God might not be with us in a physical form, God’s spiritual presence remains with us. We thought about the different ways God is present in our everyday.

We cut out handprints and wrote a sentence using each finger. For example; God is in my friendships. We then created a beautiful display to help us to notice that God is all around us in; people, places and actions.