Communion Club

This weekend our children in Communion Club learned about the word ‘Glory’ and discussed ways in which we can praise the Lord. All children are going to learn Glory to God at home over the next few weeks.

Interfaith with OLSJ Chaplaincy Team

Today, our Chaplaincy Team hosted and interfaith group with other children in the school of different faiths to learn more about other Faith’s and to celebrate our similarities. Prasad, whose faith is Hinduism taught us that his faith is polytheistic and they pray to a range of Gods for their intentions. They also have a trinity and their God have two human forms. Neishaa, who is Muslim, told us about her journey learning the Quran. Mehreen, who is of the Islam faith explained called to prayer and showed us how she washes before prayer and the actions and words she uses during prayer.

Tobit Class Mass

Today in Tobit class Father Keith came into class for our Class Mass. We said
lots of prayers from scripture and sang some songs. Some of us even came to the altar to read our scripture. We really enjoyed it!