First Holy Communion Mass

Today, Father Keith celebrated a mass for all the the children who received the Sacrament of the Eucharist this year. Thank you to all the parents who came to celebrate with the children. Congratulations to all the children; you did yourselves, your parents and teachers really proud.

Tobit pray the rosary

Today we went into our prayer garden to celebrate and remember Mary, mother of Jesus.  We all held the Rosary Beads to say one decade of the Rosary in front of our statue of Mary. We also had some reflecting time and some of us shared prayers thanking God for the many blessings in our lives. It was a lovely and peaceful time together.

Jeremiah and Joshua pray The Luminous Mystery

Year 4 Jeremiah class and Nursery Joshua class took a visit to the Prayer Garden together on 17th May to celebrate the Month of Mary. We gathered around the statue of Our Lady and sat respectfully on the floor while Miss Hughes asked us questions about why we were there. We all knew it was because May is the month when we celebrate Mary. She also had some Rosary Beads for us to look at, and we found out that a decade of the Rosary is when we say the Hail Mary ten times. We also have to say an Our Father and a Glory Be. Miss Hughes said the first part of each prayer while we listened, and we all joined in for the second part. It was nice to take time out to pray especially to Mary.

The Great British Bake Off!!!

On Thursday we continued to celebrate St George – the Patron Saint of England by holding OLSJ’s second Great British Bake Off!!!

This year we had a total of 21 entries, a fantastic effort indeed! The judges were Mr Devereux, Mrs Turner and Sister Chris who had the very lucky job of taste testing every single cake (I hope they are planning to do some exercise this weekend to burn those extra calories up)!!!

The judges were so impressed with all the entries and had such a tough time choosing the winners that as well as 1st, 2nd and 3rd prizes, there were two additional categories added. These were for the best design and also for the most original.

The children who entered the Bake Off were:

Caterina   Samuel
Nicoleta   Ezra
Isabella    Zechariah
Emma   Ezra
Maddison Esther
Caterina  Tobit
Anna  Isaiah
Beatriz  Tobit
Dylan  Isaiah
Melanie Tobit
Aleksander  Jeremiah
Adam Tobit
Demi- May Tobit
Johnny Amos
Alexander  Tobit
Konstantine  Job
Lucas Job
Johnny Job
Kyra  Samuel
Artiom Judith
Antonio Daniel
Well done to everyone!! All who entered received a prize for their efforts. Now a drum roll for the winners please….
Best Design
Johny (Amos)
Best Original
Emma (Ezra)
Best Taste
3rd Johnny (Amos)
2nd   Nicoleta (Ezra)
1st Maddison (Esther)
Please take a look through the photos of some of the cakes and see what talent we have in the school. Some future famous bakers and chefs I am sure!!!!
Additionally a big thank you to all the parents who supported our wonderful school on Thursday by purchasing a slice of cake. I’m very sure you all enjoyed it 🙂
Mrs Cairns