Year 6 Trip to Paris



Gabby - I can't wait to go, I'm in yr6 now 😱😃💎📚🏫

vera and Nickaios - Hope you had a lovely time

Miss Ren - ETERNALLY JEALOUS I`m so glad you all got to enjoy this together. xoxoxo

Suraya - I enjoyed that trip thank to all the teachers who planned this I couldn\'t have asked for a better way to leave primary I\'m gonna miss everyone soooooo much 🙃😔

Khai mum - Thank you all teachers for a lovely trip and for taking wonderful pictures and bringing hem back safely ❤️🔐😜

Anya - Cool trip! Gonna miss all of u guys!my friends mean the world 2 me

Liz Ayris - I loved looking at your photos gonna miss all your smiley faces next year good luck to each and every one of you xxx

Teresa Parker - Looks like you all had a great time. Thank you Year 6 for representing the school so well & thank you to the adults for taking good care of our children.

Elsa - I had so much fun it was an amazing experience!!!!!!!!

Jaciara - I missed you my lovely Tayna

Mrs B. Iyobhebhe (Precious mum) - Hello my darling Precious, hope you are having fun? I miss you, cant wait to see you. I love you, xxx

Linda (surayas nan - Hi Suraya
We cant wait to see you loving all the photos liv u lots

Miss Hamilton - Hi everyone, hope you all have had a great time in Paris. By looking at your pictures it looks as though you have. Wishing you all a safe journey home and if I don\'t see you all later all the best of luck in secondary school. Miss you all so much. Enjoy your 6 weeks holiday and stay stay. Love to you all xx

Nina Nathan\'s mum - Good morning Nathan missed your smile, your hugs. Love you and I am so proud of you. Thanks to OLSJ and there staff for organising this wonderful trip seeing all the sightseeing you have done and the wonderful time you have had makes me so happy. God bless all of you and have a very safe journey back will be waiting to see that smile. Love mummy.

Khai mum - Hi everybody! I can see you have a lots of fun,have safe journey back!we miss you here!😘😘😘

Anita (Anya\'s mum) - Bonjour Anya - hope you had a good night\'s rest. Wishing you and everyone else a safe and smooth journey back home today. Looking forward to seeing you later. Love you darling xxx

Tam Ann \'s dad - We miss u. Hope you are enjoying time with everyone.See u soon

Olivette (Anya\'s Godmother and aunt) - Dear Anya, I hope you are having a great time in Paris and that you enjoyed the journey on Eurostar. It is Bastille day as I am sure you know so I hope you were able to take part in some of the celebrations. Your dad showed me some of the video of Mary Poppins; you make a great Mrs Banks!! Enjoy, be safe and have fun. lots of love and hugs. Aunty Olivette and family. xx

Anya\'s Auntie Ek - Have seen all the pictures dear Anya - looks like you\'re having a great time! Enjoy - lots of love, hugs, Auntie Ekundayo XxX :-)

Oliver (Amelie\'s brother) - Miss you Ate💋

Anaya (Anya\'s sister) - Bonjour Anya comment allez vous? Are you having a good time? Enjoy your evening and see you soon. Love you.

Paul\'s,Mum,sister - Thank u teachers for the wonderful trip u gave them. Paul's Mum

Paul\'s Sister,Mum - Enjoy yourselves, have fun. Paul's Mum

Yatty Anya\'s dad - I like the pictures taken on board the Eurostar. Looks like you had a fun outgoing trip.Enjoy the rest of your stay!

Yatty Anya\'s dad - Hi all! I can see you are having a wonderful time in Paris. Long may it continue.Listen to your teachers,stay safe,God bless you all and enjoy your last day in the capital.

X - Bonjour Annie - je peux voir que vous avez un bon moment à paris! (Hello Anya - I can see you are having a nice time in Paris!) Missing you. Its not the same without you. Anaya missed you so much she slept in your bed last night :) Continue having fun and look forward to seeing you and telling us all about your trip in French tomorrow (Just joking :) love you lots xxx

Linda (Suraya s nan) - Loving all the pictures you all look like your enjoying yourselves relley miss you
Luv nanny 😍😘

Precious dad - I love the photos and that u are spending the last week really having lots and lots of fun with friends and your teachers. Stay safe and stay together I pray u all return safely. I miss u and love u. Smiles from daddy and lots of kisses.

Monica (ARCHIE\'S mum) - Loving the updates, happy to see the children enjoying themselves. Nice pic of Archie this morning, loved it. Have fabulous time. PS: Archie the jumper u ordered arrived yesterday, very cool , very u .xx

Mrs Adams - You all look like you are having an amazing time, I am very jealous!

Nina Nathan\'s mum - Good morning Nathan can see you are having loads of fun. I love and miss you so much. Have a blessed day today and have lots of fun. Mummy

Faith Iyobhebhe (Precious\' sister) - Bonjour Precious , J\'espère que t\'amusee! (i hope you have fun!) missing you ;)

Marks mum - Hi guys how r u hope your enjoying yourself.

Paul\'s Sister,mum - The house is empty without you

Amelie\'s Mum - Hope you are all having a fantastic time! Make sure you do not give any of your teachers a headache...
We miss you lots already!😘

Sandra Agius (Surayas mum) - I hope you are enjoying yourself and everyone else is having fun miss u darling
Luv mum xx

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