Kingswood - Isle of Wight

Keep up to date with the latest pictures from Year 6 at Kingswood on the Isle of Wight, why not leave a comment at the bottom of the page to let us know what you think?



tia - I can't wait for Year 6 so I can go

Arnold - SWEEET!!!!! Absolutely amazing trip to Kingswood, thanks to the teachers and thanks for the birthday party

Evangelina Y8 Bishop Challoner - That looks like so much fun!!!! I remember when we went to the Isle of Wight. Hope to visit soon xxx

Maelles brother - It looks amazing. I cant wait till I'm in YR.6. But that's gonna be in 4 years :(

Anya yr5 jonah - Can't wait until next year and I go

Emily N y7 From bishop Challoner - You guys are very lucky to go Isle of Wight early. We all miss you Mr Cameron. I hope you have fun being a teacher for the rest of these years. I'll never forget about all the adventures we had !! :)
Say hello to Mr Devereux and Miss Drake for me.
Hope I can visit soon!
1 thing Mr Cameron do u have the video of when we sand when I grow up?

katie - It was the best trip we ever had!

William - Are we going to the Isle of Wight again in the summer?

Sonny - I wish I went with you guys

Emma - wow that looks awsome

lordina - This was fantastic!

Deborah - I can\'t wait to be in y6

Monika😊 - It so nice to have reminders of the Isle of White trip, and all those lovely moments. I had lots of fun but I missed my 2 little brothers and my mum and dad a lot.😃

Weronika - Awesome trip, hope to come again!

Leah💕 - I was sad at first because I was missing my mum and dad but I had the best time ever. I wish we could do it again

William - I miss the Isle of Wight


Olivia in Y6 - AWESOME trip I wish we could do it every day

Scallett sonny girlfriend - Your pictures are so good hello Mr Devroex

Weronika - The trip was awesome, hope I come again! ^_^

lordina - It was awesome

katie -
omg i had a nice time at kings wood

Alfie a - Had a good time hope you all did all my best friends

Alfie a - Hade a good time at kingswood 😄

Seb - I think the trip was amazing thank you all of the staff 👍

katie - i had a nice time at the trip

WILLIAM123 - The trip was cool

Abbie❤️✌️ - We had a fantastic time thanks to mr Cameron ,miss lynch ,miss drake,mr Devereux and mr sigman for taking us we all enjoyed it south once again thank you

nikola - Had so much fun Mr Cameron supported me the most thank you to Miss Lynch, Mr Devereux and Mrs Drake for looking after us we had such a great time why did we have to leave we were all sad that were leaving well most of us i was sad we had such a great time

Elsa - So jealous! Looks amazing hope you had an amazing time.

Mr killer - That looks like a brilliant trip I can't wait to go myself

SONNY - Hope you had a fantastic time, I saw your pictures they were nice, you all looked nice

Libby - Hope we do something like this again awesome trip

Cadee - This was an amazing trip!!! I know everyone in both year6\'s had the best time of their lives because an oppotunity like this dont come every day .

Arnold\'s mum - Kingswood was really fun for all. Arnold can\'t stop talking about it. A big thank you to the organisers.

Josie - So so so jealous xxx

Maelle ange - BEST TRIP IN THE UNIVERSE. I wish i can do it all again!!!!!!!!!!!

Maelle - This was the best trip ever!!!!!! I wish I can do it all again with all of the fun activities and games. WHY DID WE HAVE TO LEAVE? ):

sam - Missed u so much x

Danté - Can\'t wait until Year 6 get back so they can tell me what they have done!

cadee\'s sister - I hope I get to do this! I'm jealous!!!!!!

Nicola - Sam, any chance of you smile. You don't look very happy, your making me worry??

EMMA - Am so jealous, looks so much fun! Missing Seb loads! Mum and Jake x

Nicola Rowe - The kids faces say it all looks like they are having a great time all ready. Makes it easier on us parents seeing these.I\'m checking my phone constantly MORE PICTURES PLEASE

Loraine and Debbie - Mr Devereux we cannot seem to see you doing any of the activities! Enjoy the rest of the trip.

Mr Everden - WOW, it looks like you\'re all having an amazing time! Lovely to see the photos so quickly. Hope the weather is good.

Nicola brown - Omg its real now. Our babies have gone on their first school holiday. Hope you all enjoy.

Anna - Have a great time! Come back with lots of amazing memories! Let the adventure begin! See you on Friday!

Jessica - A great way to keep parents updated. Look forward to seeing lots more pictures

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