Family Support Practitioner

Who am I?

My name is Rashina Begum and I am a Family Support Practitioner. I work for Tower Hamlets Parent and Family Support Service.

What is my role at OLSJ?

  • I provide one-to-one support for vulnerable families.
  • I support parents in engaging in their child’s learning.
  • I deliver weekly workshops/information sessions for parents and carers.
  • I help to improve family relationships and enhance parenting skills
  • I support parents and carers to work more closely with school staff including their children’s teacher
  • I provide additional support to parents and carers e.g. completing application forms, telephoning other agencies, etc.)

What days am I here?

I work at OLSJ on Mondays & Wednesdays

How can you contact me?

Please contact the school or email me

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