At Our Lady and St Joseph we teach reading in Guided Reading sessions, Shared Reading, Phonics sessions, High Frequency words practice and within reading clubs.


Phonics is taught from Nursery to Year 2.

Early Years and KS1 should have daily Phonics session (20 – 30 minutes) led by the class teacher as a whole class. These sessions consist of the children learning sounds and applying them to words and sentences. This is taught in a number of different ways to keep the children focused on learning new sounds.

High Frequency words - Sight words

In order to read it is important to learn how to read and spell high frequency words. These words are words that appear in the English language so often that it is important to learn them early on when reading. The children will be taught these in a variety of different ways as well as these being sent home for the children to practice.

Guided and Shared Reading sessions

We teach reading through two key strands. Shared, where children are taught whole class to unpick the meaning of a text or strategies to understand it, and guided , this is small group reading with a teacher.

Guided Reading

Guided reading is used in our school to improve reading for the children. In all classes children will be in small groups and read with an adult weekly. The book will be based on their level. Focussed individualised feedback will be given within these times.

Shared reading

Early Years and Year 1

Shared reading is daily. This consists of the children sitting together with the class teacher reading a big book. The children will then be asked many questions about the book to test the children’s understanding of the books. This may be done with story props and sight words.

Year 2 and KS2

The children have a daily Shared Reading session with their teacher. They have a class book which they will read for pleasure and as a teaching tool. The books are engaging quality texts aimed at that year group (for more information see the curriculum maps).