Teresa Parker

Sue Blinman

Carol Doherty

Joanne Faulkner

Fr Keith Stoakes

Sr Christine Frost

Mr Devereux

Mr Cameron

Ashley Hill

Caroline Modest

Laurell Hector

Governance Structure

The Governing Body of Our Lady & St Joseph agreed Model 14b comprising of the following types of governors for their Instrument of Government

Foundation Governors

Elected Parents



Local Authority






Chair of Governors: Jo Faulkner

Vice Chair of Governors: Teresa Parker

Foundation Governors: Sue Blinman, Carol Doherty, Jo Faulkner, Teresa Parker (Chair), Fr Keith Stoakes and Laurell Hector

Parent Governors: Ashley Hill, Caroline Modest

Diocese of Westminster (Foundation Governor): Laurell Hector

Headteacher: Patrick Devereux

Staff: James Cameron

Local Authority: Sr. Christine Frost

Observer: Katie Allison

Committee Structure

Names of Committees

Names of Chair

Standard Committee

Sr. Christine Frost

Resources Committee

Caroline Modest

Admissions Committee

Teresa Parker

Admissions Appeal

Sue Blinman

Pupil Discipline Committee

Teresa Parker

Staff Hearing Committee

Carol Doherty

Pay Body

Teresa Parker (Full Governing Body)

Pay Review Committee

Teresa Parker

Pay Appeals Committee

Jo Faulkner

Terms Of Reference - May 2019

Committee Membership

Resources Committee


  • Caroline Modest (Chair)
  • Teresa Parker (Vice-Chair)
  • Patrick Devereux (Headteacher)
  • Jo Faulkner
  • Sue Blinman
  • Father Keith Stoakes
  • Laurell Hector

Also attending:

  • Katie Turner (Observer)
  • Shanine Blom (Associate)

Standards Committee


  • Sr. Christine Frost (Chair)
  • Patrick Devereux (Headteacher)
  • James Cameron
  • Carol Doherty
  • Jo Faulkner
  • Ashley Hill
  • Laurell Hector
  • Teresa Parker

Also Attending

  • Katie Turner (Observer)

Link Governors

A link governor is a member of the governing body appointed to oversee a specific aspect of the work of the school.

In general a link governor role involves the following tasks:

  • Keeping up to date with the area of interest, and attending relevant training
  • Making focused visits to the school
  • Acting as a link between a relevant staff member and the governing body, by meeting regularly to discuss the area of interest
  • Monitoring and discussing the impact of relevant policies with the staff member
  • Regularly reporting to the governing body, and making recommendations where appropriate

Child Protection and Safeguarding – Sister Christine Frost

Pupil Performance – Jo Faulkner

SEN – Caroline Modest

Maths – Carol Doherty

Writing - Laurell Hector

Reading – Sue Bilnman

Curriculum - Laurell Hector

Health and Safety, and Premises – Father Keith Stoakes

Classroom Religious Education – Father Keith Stoakes and Sister Christine Frost

Pupil Parent Partnership – Ashley Hill

Catholic Life of School – Father Keith Stoakes and Sister Christine Frost

Pupil Premium and Looked After Children – Teresa Parker

ICT – James Cameron

Sports Grant – James Cameron

Admissions – Teresa Parker and Sue Blinman

Year 6 – Jo Faulkner

Year 5 – Caroline Modest

Year 4 – Ashley Hill

Year 3 – Sister Christine Frost

Year 2 – Laurell Hector

Year 1 – Teresa Parker

Nursery – Laurell Hector

Reception – Carol Doherty

Details of Full Governors

Full Name of Governor

Date of Appointment

Length of Term of Office

Appointing body

Register of Interest

Teresa Parker


1 year

Diocese of Westminster (Foundation Governor)


Patrick Devereux


For the duration of headship

Headteacher Governor

NAHT member

Fr. Keith Stoakes



Diocese of Westminster (Foundation Governor)


Sr. Christine Frost



London Borough of Tower Hamlets (LA Governor)

Charity Trustee - Splash
Governor at Woolmore School

Sue Blinman



Diocese of Westminster (Foundation Governor)

Not received

James Cameron



Staff Governor


Laurell Hector



Diocese of Westminster (Foundation Governor)

McManus HRD Ltd

Carol Doherty



Diocese of Westminster (Foundation Governor)

NAHT member
Parent Governor at St Ursula’s Secondary School

Jo Faulker



Diocese of Westminster (Foundation Governor)

Victoria Wharf - directorship

Iwano Wawro



Parent Governor


Ashley Hill 14/11/2016 13/11/20 Parent Governor None
Caroline Modest 27/9/2017 26/9/2021 Parent Governor None
Laurell Hector     Foundation Governor  

Foundation Governors

Foundation governors are volunteers who serve as the Bishop’s representative to assist in managing our Catholic schools. They work alongside other governors including parent governors to form a governing body or board of directors.  They are involved in decisions about all aspects of managing the school – such as running buildings and budgets, supporting staff, monitoring standards and the Catholic ethos and help make big decisions about the school’s long-term goals.  Foundation Governors have specific responsibility for admissions to the school, the employment of staff, Religious Education and collective worship.  The governors help determine the future for pupils attending our schools.

The work of the Governing Body is facilitated by a Clerk and training and support for governors is provided by the Diocesan Department for Schools and Colleges and the Local Authority.

Parent Governors

These are parents of children who attend Our Lady & St Joseph Catholic Primary School. They are elected on to the Governing Body by the votes of other parents, and they represent the voice of the "users" of the school. Their term of office runs for four years.

Local Authority Governor

The Local Authority (LB Tower Hamlets) appoints a representative to the school’s governing body.

Governors Attendance

Governors Attendance 2017-2018

Governors Training

Governors Training Calender December 2016 - July 2017

Governors Meeting Minutes

Full GB Minutes - 20th March 2019

Resources Committee - 6th March 2019

Standards Committee - 6th March 2019

Resources Committee - 20th June 2018

Standards Committee - 7th November 2018

Resources Committee - 7th November 2018

Full GB Minutes - 4th July 2018

Full GB Minutes - 15th November 2017

Resources Committee - 18th October 2017

Standards Committee - 18th October 2017

Full GB Minutes - 27th September 2017

Standards Committee - 8th June 2017

Resources Committee - 8th June 2017

Full GB Minutes - 5th May 2017

Full GB Minutes - 23rd November 2016

Full GB Minutes - 5th October 2016

Governors Policies and Documents

Best Value Statement - March 2017

Scheme Of Delegation - March 2017

Statement of Internal Control - March 2017

Financial Procedures Manual for Schools

Governing Board Policy Review Frequency Checklist

Former Governors

Name Type Start Date End Date
Iwano Wawro Parent Governor 19/12/14 20/2/17
Tracey Ruskin Parent Governor 11/05/16 12/10/16
Bridgett Bardwell Foundation Governor 05/10/16 05/10/17
Chiyedza Majasi Diocese of Westminster (Foundation Governor) 05/11/14 04/11/18