Here are quite a few links for you to develop your addition skills.

  1. NGFL – Cymru (Wales): Estimation Skills
  2. BBC Bitesize: Learn about addition
  3. Coventry City Council: Expanded Addition
  4. Mathsframe: Partitioning
  5. ICT Games: Techno Tortoise (Number lines, positive and negative)
  6. Harcourt School: Adding 3 numbers
  7. BBC Skillswise: Bargain Hunt
  8. BBC Skillswise: Conveyor Belt
  9. BBC Skillswise: Add by splitting
  10. Maths Online: Millennium Bug Race
  11. BBC Skillswise: Fridge Magnets
  12. BBC Skillswise: Addition Game 1
  13. BBC Skillswise: Addition Game 2
  14. BBC Skillswise: Problem Solving
  15. BBC Bitesize: Addition Quiz
  16. Speed Addition 1
  17. Speed Addition 2
  18. Speed Addition 3
  19. Ambleside Primary: Addition Machine
  20. Ambleside Primary: Number Bond Machines
  21. BBC Skillswise: Addition Quiz 1
  22. BBC Skillswise: Addition Quiz 2
  23. Math Magician: Mixed Challenges
  24. Math Magician: Subtraction
  25. Sumsense: Addition
  26. Jetski Addition
  27. Tugboat Addition
  28. Kitten Match
  29. Alien Addition
  30. Ghost Blasters 2: This game lets you choose to practice sums of the number you set.
  31. Ghost Blasters 3: This game is for practising two digit plus one digit numbers.
  32. Calculation Balance

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