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Year 6 Maths Masterclass

Today year 6 attended Langdon Park for their fourth Maths Masterclass led by their Maths Lead Ben.

We started with a puzzle to warm up activities and we were investigating odds and evens and making generalisations. Why don’t you have a go!

An example we came up with were every 3 by 3 with only 4 odd numbers have a sum that is odd.

We investigated a strip of paper.

How many sides do we have? 2

How many edges do we have? 4

We then created a Mobius Band. This meant that our ‘2d’ strip of paper was no longer 3d.

We then had to label the 4 corners.

We investigated how many faces does a Mobius have?Nathaniel felt like it was only one as he drew a line down the middle and its starting and end point was the same.

We then investigated how many edges it had and we traced our finger around the edge and noticed there was only one as it had the same start and end point.

We then investigated the distance of a Mobius shape. Zara predicted that the distance was double the length of the side of the original rectangle and it would be approximately 60cm in total and she was right.

Can you think of an object that is 3d but cannot be touched?


We followed the instructions and drew a trapezium on 4 quadrant grid. We then used acetate paper (which is transparent to trace it on.

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