5 comments on “Autumn 1 RE Homework

  • Anna Y6 says:

    I know that I am part of OLSJ, because I wear the school’s uniform, I share the same faith and value, and I have friends at the school.

  • Joelinda says:

    I know im part of OLSJ because i wear the uniform and i respect people and they respect me and i have friends.

  • Brian.M says:

    I know of OLSJ because I wear the same uniform as everyone everyday and I know because we all have the school logo on our jumper.

  • Annabel says:

    I know that I am part of olsj because I wear the school logo which represents the fishes of when Jesus collected them from the sea and also I know that I am part of olsj because of the school gospel values. However, Mr Devereux gives us specific rules such as respect teachers and other pupils, walk in single file in assembly and you should be kind to one another.
    Whenever there is a new person you should make friends with them.
    If there is a problem you should tell a teacher straight away.
    We do not tolarate bullying.


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