Malachi Math’s Working Wall

In Miss Lynch’s numeracy class, this year, we have decided to create a working wall where we will display as many methods and strategies as we can in order to support our learning of new skills and concepts, as we learn them. If we need reminding, refreshing or assistance, we know we can use this wall to help us. Have a look at it in its infancy!

Eye Investigation: Zechariah Class

This week in Science, Zechariah class conducted a science investigation on what happens our pupils in response to light.

We learned that our pupil gets smaller when in bright light: it does this to protect the eye as too much light would damage it.

Our pupils get bigger when in dim light to allow as much light as possible into the eye, enabling us to see.

It was a very fun experiment to try out in class and we had a lot of laughs watching each other’s pupils changing size depending on the light πŸ™‚

International Day of Peace- Malachi

In Malachi today we celebrated International Day of Peace. We learned that this special day began on the 21st of September 1981 and was organised
by the United Nations General Assembly. The purpose of the International Day of Peace is to: β€˜provide a globally-shared date for all humanity to commit to peace above all differences and to contribute to building a culture of peace.’

We created a class dove of peace and wrote down our special intentions for peace inside.

Year 6 trip to the Imperial War Museum

Today, year 6 went to the Imperial War Museum to learn more about World War 2. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the trip gathering as many facts as they could and sharing them with their peers. There was fantastic collaborative learning as children were excited to tell each other all they had learned. Afterwards they had a picnic in the park and were blessed with the weather.

7 Days of Creation: Zechariah Class

This week in RE, Zechariah class have been reading Genesis and learning all about how God created the world in seven days.

We spoke about what was created on each of the seven days and later split into groups to create a picture of each day of Creation for our display.

Each group chose what materials they wanted to use for their picture. Some used colouring pencils, some used paints and some even used paper mache.

Take a look at the finished product! πŸ™‚

Zechariah Class Mass

Today in Zechariah class, we had our class mass, the first of the new school year here at OLSJ πŸ™‚ A big thank you to Father Keith for coming in to celebrate it with us and a very big well done to all of our readers.