Malachi inspired by Keith Haring

Have a look at our creations inspired by the work of Keith Haring.

Keith Haring was a popular artist who died in 1990. He is famous for his cartoon-style of drawing that was influenced by Dr. Seuss and Walt Disney. Haring was always interested in creating public art that everyone could see and he created street art and graffiti as a way of sharing his art on walls and subways. Haring wanted the public to be involved with his art
as well as see it. Therefore, Haring did lots of community projects where people joined him to create large murals on buildings such as churches, hospitals and orphanages. Haring also made large sculptures in the same cartoon style as his paintings and murals. Keith Haring was asked to paint on lots of famous buildings, including the western side of the
Berlin Wall three years before its fall.