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Year 6 Half Term Homework

Due in Tuesday 4th June 2019

This half term, your project is to design your own packaging for a FairTrade product.

Fair Trade ensures that producers and farmers get paid fairly for their products. For more information and ideas, go to the Fair Trade website:

We will also be holding auditions for Matilda so practise any acts that you want to show us whether it be acting, singing, dancing or any talent.

Good luck!

Stand Up To Racism Talk

Today Thomas, from our local authority held a workshop on anti-racism. We looked at people who have been a victim of racism. We also learned the difference between discrimination and prejudice. We also looked at the biggest problems of racism in our society.

Year 6 Stand Up To Racism Task

Your task needs to be completed on Thursday the 23rd of May and return to school on Friday the 24th of May.

Create a poster about your culture that you would like to share with others in the class to celebrate your own strengths, talents and unique differences.

Write a paragraph about an inspirational person from your culture celebrating their strengths, talents and unique differences.

Create a poster on an inspirational person (of your choice) who have experienced racism, for example, Martin Luther King, Malala Yousafzai, Rosa Parks etc..

Create a wordle to promote Anti-racism.

Classification of Junk Food in Malachi

Malachi have been learning about Carl Linnaeus’ classification system. In order to understand classification, they classified a range of junk food today into the most efficient categories they could think of. Well Done- they look great! One of the most important skills Malachi learned today was how to use each others strengths to complete a task and teamwork is key in order to work to the best of their abilities.

Five Kingdoms

Today, in Malachi we reviewed the classification of living things and established that there are 5 kingdoms. We discussed the early classification of Aristotle.

Following this, our activity was to create a poster of the Five Kingdoms in groups to show how they kingdoms are classified.

SATs BBQ Celebrations

To celebrate year 6 finishing their SATs this week, we celebrated with a BBQ. Not only did our head chef Oscar cook a scrumptious breakfast for us every morning, he ended our week by cooking a feast of a BBQ with his team. Thank you Oscar! 🙂

Year 6 Celebrations

Well done to all our of our year 6 children for completing their SATs exams today. We are all extremely proud of the dedication and perseverance you have displayed this year, particularly this week.

To celebrate all classes competed in a game of rounders in the glorious sun. Well done Maccabees for winning. The BATTLE is on!!