Daily Act of Worship in Malachi

Sidney and Vera lead this weeks Acts of Worship. They asked people to gather on the balcony as it was a lovely day and they read¬† Luke 5: 1-11.¬† Their mission was asking people to take care of God’s world and if they see any litter in the playground to pick it up to keep our school clean and tidy.

Melani and Madison lead our other DAOW this week. They got everyone to gather outside in a circle and passed a cross around: everyone had to mention one thing they felt thankful for. Their scripture was Psalm 20:2-3. One of the response to the Scripture included on of the children was more aware of what is right and what is wrong.

One comment on “Daily Act of Worship in Malachi

  • Daineta year6 Malachi says:

    I really like doing daily act of worship because it gets to bring all of together and follow Jesus’ foot steps.


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