Year 6 Homework WB 8.2.16

Remember to practice your spellings and multiplications and to read your reading record every night. Use the web links on the year 6 page for Numeracy and Literacy games to practice your skills. Homework is due in on Wednesday the 10th February.


Homework Overview


Use the Usernames and Passwords we gave you today – you wrote them in your books – to attempt the SPaG practise questions. You can complete it online. If you forget, send a message and I’ll email it.

SPaG Website

Research facts about your chosen animal for the non-chronological reports in class. Use this link to help.

A-Z animals


Mr Cameron Maths – Fractions


3 comments on “Year 6 Homework WB 8.2.16

  • We are destroying our planet by cutting down forests, using fossil fuels, polluting the earth, air and sea. We need to stop wasting so much and start recycling instead.

  • Joeline says:

    Mr Cameron, I can’t find the test on the spag website and I have tried logging in and out so many times I still couldn’t find it

    • Miss Lynch says:

      Hi Joeline,

      I have just checked the website and I can confirm that the tests are now live. Any problems, please let me know!

      Miss Lynch


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