Year 6 Homework WB 11.12.15

Remember to practice your spellings and multiplications for this week. Use the web links on the year 6 page for Numeracy and Literacy games to practice your skills. Homework is due in on Wednesday the 16 of December.



Plan and write your own autobiography. Make sure you use the planning sheet in your homework book.



Mr Cameron – Find the area and perimeter of standard and compound shapes.


Miss Lynch – Convert between units of length to solve problems using decimal notation.



Draw two circuits – Realistic and scientific.

  1. The bulb in the circuit lights up
  2. The bulb doesn’t light up


Practise the Christmas Carols for next week.


Silent Night

Away in a Manger

Rudolf the Red Nose Raindeer

We Wish you a Merry Christmas

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  • I lever got any home work so I used this
    Thnx 4 creating this super cool website ps I’m playing sum dog


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