Year 6 Homework WB 4.12.15

Remember to practice your spellings and multiplications for this week. Use the web links on the year 6 page for Numeracy and Literacy games to practice your skills. Homework is due in on Wednesday the 9th of December.

 Overview 4.12.15


Write a newspaper report about something that has happened in the school. You can write about anything at all – Yes Yasmina, you can even write about unicorns!

(Remember to include all the features we have used in class)



Mr Cameron – Compare calculations using greater than, less than and equals to. Solve division word problems.


Miss Lynch – Find the area of cubes, cuboids and triangles.

(Look at the power point on the school website if you need help)

Miss Lynch’s Maths Set 4 12 15

Introduction to Area of Triangles


Research toys used in the Victorian era and write a paragraph on your findings.



Please hand in your science Competition plan for Monday please.

11 comments on “Year 6 Homework WB 4.12.15

    • Miss Lynch says:

      I’ve given examples at the top of both pages to guide you (for surface area of a cuboid and the area of a triangle) . Follow these formulas to get you answer.

      To get the surface area of a cube, multiply the width by length (to get the area of one square) and then times it by 6 to get the surface area (the area of the 6 squares that make up a cube).

  • Nicole says:

    Miss are the features headline ,byline, lead paragraph ,five w’s ,facts just facts, intrujuce speach, skip a line,speach marks,what happens next


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