An introduction to the Examen Prayer (by Frankie Batten)

An introduction to the Examen Prayer


The Examen prayer is a kind of prayer where you think about the past and how

the past is important .The prayer was created by a guy called St Ignatuis Loyola who lived over 400 years ago it is prayer that involves what your day was like.


1) Become aware of gods presence.


You have to know God is with you all the time, no matter what or what you have done. Look back on the day think about parts that God the Holy Spirit could have been with you . Some of your day could be a :blur ;jumble ;muddle what ever you call it you can ask God to pray for it or you could pray for it your self.


2) Review the day with gratitude.


Think about all the great parts of the day and only think about the positive parts and not the negative. Also you be greatful God is with you through the bad parts of the day. Think about how great your day.


3) Pay attention to your emotions.


Think about your emotions and if you are happy try to stay that way but if you are sad try and think about the great times of the day.


4) Choose one feature of the day and pray for it.


Think about a part of the day and if it is not happy try and think of a different one that has a different emotion. Think of all the fun times you had in your day.


5) Look forward to tomorrow.


Think, if you had a good time today, you might have a great time tomorrow. Ask God for guidance to help you through difficult times.


Frankie Batten

Malachi, Year 6

Smoothie Bike (Malachi)

Malachi were busy learning about nutrients found in both fruit and vegetables and the importance in incorporating them into our diet. In addition, we discussed eating healthy food in a fun way. As we were exercising, cycling a bike, we made a mouth-watering smoothie!

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