This week we had our first French lesson of the term. Our first topic is Getting To Know You’ and our lesson this week focused on how to greet people in different ways. We learnt the following greetings:






Bonne Nuit

Can you remember what these greetings mean?

Literacy in Amos Class

For today’s literacy lesson, we role-played our new class story ‘The Emperors New Clothes in Space’. The children worked in groups took on the role different characters and narrated the story. Each group then presented back to the rest of the class. What excellent acting!


This week in PSHE we looked at strengths. We first discussed what the term ‘strength’ means and then we worked in groups to come up with some examples of personal strength such as determination, kindness and independence. To end our lesson, we spent time thinking about our own personal strengths. We were also very lucky that the sun was out and we were able to complete our lesson in our lovely outdoor area.