As the weather was nice on Tuesday, we completed a DAOW in our new outdoor area. Our mission this week is to invite others to play in our games if they are lonely.

Space Workshop

Today, we were very lucky to take part in a Space workshop run by Geobus. We started the session by understanding what an Earth Scientist was and what their job entails. Then, we used our prior knowledge of solar systems to complete our first task and then we learnt all about the planets in our solar system. We were then shown examples of other objects in the solar system including comets, asteroids and meteors. We learnt about the differences between a comet, an asteroid and a meteor including what they each orbit and were shown the meteorite specimens. Finally, we discussed what happens when an asteroid land on a planet’s surface – creating a crater. Our favourite part was using our 3D glasses to look at images of craters and moons.

Exploring numbers up to 10,000

On Tuesday, Year 5 explored numbers up to 10,000. We first recapped our prior knowledge of place value and the different representations we can use to show a number. Then in pairs, children used different concrete and pictorial representations for numbers up to 10,000. They used dienes, part-whole models, place value counters and place value charts.

Welcome back Year 5!

Today we welcomed back Year 5 and it was such a fun, exciting day. We started the day by completing sheets about ourselves and this was followed by creating our class rules. Later, we had a PSHE circle time in our new outdoor space on the roof and a shared reading lesson.

It was nice to see everyone and we can’t wait to see you all again next week!

Miss Rhoden & Mr Langmead 🙂