Mapping around the world!

As part of our topic we have been developing our atlas skills.

We have been looking at maps and then we chose countries to learn about. We looked at what the tallest peak was and what the climate was like. We then got the paints out to get them ready for display.

The Tempest

Over the past three weeks, Year 5 have been creating writing based on William Shakespeare’s ‘The Tempest’. After writing our own versions of the play as narrative stories, we enjoyed rewriting a particular section as a play script. In groups, we then acted these out- very dramatically!

Anna and Jacob:Today we had the best time ever because at first we all as a class done it wrong. How? Well we mixed it to much and it became one colour but then Sir helped us. The colour of this slop was not exactly good but the experiment was fun! We got to mix milk with some food colouring and some soap and that was pretty cool. The colour that it made was sort of greenish and yelloewish

“Droning” music

In today’s lesson we counted and then played their instrument.

Miss put a drone on in the background. This helped us focus on the sounds we heard.

This was linked to Pauline Oliveros,

Jaleel and Saron – We learnt about the drone. It makes a soft humming sound in the back ground and makes echos as we play instruments miss gave us . Also we were advised to click our fingers when the student we’ve chosen plays their instrument.In addition to this it was great fun everyone had a turn and the tools were great fun! miss also raised the volume at a certain point . The music sounded really GOOD!