Year 5 Homework 04/07/19

Remember to practice your spellings and multiplications for this week. Homework is due in on Tuesday.


Read the information sheet on the assassination of Franz Ferdinand.

Produce a newspaper front page on his death. Your article should give a detailed account of the assassination and the reasons for this action being taken by the Black Hand. 

Use the picture to give you some inspiration.


Complete the worksheets on finding the area and perimeter of shapes.

Optional challenge: Extra golden time next week for anyone who can calculate the perimeter of the house correctly.

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We learned in RE this week about the cardinal virtues: Courage, prudence, justice and restraint.

Think of a time in your life when you demonstrated one of these virtues and write two paragraphs explaining what happened and how you demonstrated that particular virtue.


Complete the activity on trench warfare.

World War 1: Jonah Class

Year 5 have been really enjoying learning about our World War 1 Topic this half term and have been producing some fantastic work across many subjects, including topic, art and literacy.

Due to their interest in the Topic, we decided to print out and display some real-life pictures taken during the war to help the children imagine exactly what it was like for soldiers in the trenches. Take a look at some of the pictures from our WW1 gallery below 🙂

Cardinal Virtues: Jonah Class

Today in RE, we learned that the Church has a list of qualities it calls virtues. We learned that a virtue is a quality or kind of rule which guides our actions and that there are four cardinal virtues.

By way of ensuring we had a deep understanding of what each of these were, we got into groups and acted out scenes in which each of the four cardinal virtues was evident.

We discussed each role play scene as a group so that we could really comment on the students’ choices and behavior so that we could become really familiar with each of the cardinal virtues.

WW1 In Amos

Today we re-enacted the WW1 battle of Somme. Half of our class were the British and French army who were allies and the other class were the German army. We created our own trenches using tables and chairs. The Battle of Somme lasted 141 days, fought between trenches, troops on both sides were living in squalied, extreme conditions. The goal of the battle was for the Allied forces to take control of the 24 km stretch of the River Somme from the Germans.