Homework and Spellings WB 25.6.18

Homework is due back on Tuesday 3.7.18

Homework-Overview – tells you what to do!

Literacy – Semi-Colon Worksheet

Semi-colons – this week we have been investigating a new genre of writing – Persuasive Writing. To help with this, we have tried to explain the quality of our sentences with semi-colons. I want you to complete the semi-colons worksheet.

Numeracy – Time word problems

Time – this week, we have spent some time looking at…time. We have learnt how to use a number line to count on changes in time over an hour. I want you to solve the word problems using those methods we practised.

Science – Gestation_Periods

Gestation Periods – we have been learning about the gestation periods of animals as well as humans. Complete the table of gestation periods for different animals by round them to the nearest 10 days. Then, use that data to create a bar chart – there are 2 bar chart grids in the homework but you only need to use one!


Tyburn Martyrs – we will be learning about the Tyburn Martyrs next week. A martyr is someone who laid down their life for their belief. I want you to research the organisation and write information about 2 of the martyrs.

Spellings – Tricky Words and Common Misspellings – sheet 5

rhyme, similar, suggest, terminate, utter, whether, apparent, bruise, curious, embarrass


Homework and Spellings WB 18.6.18

Homework is due back on Tuesday 26.6.18

Homework Overview – tells you what to do!

Literacyenglish homework page 2

Direct Speech – This week we have been continuing with our Narrative Fiction focus in the first person and attempted to use Direct Speech. Someone has done their homework wrong. You will have to play the role of the teacher and correct the punctuation of their attempted direct speech.


NumeracyAdding and Subtracting Fractions

Adding and Subtracting Fractions – we have been practising adding and subtracting fractions, sometimes involving mixed numbers. I want you to choose the challenge of your choice (Bronze, Silver or Gold) and practise these skills. Remember, you will need to find a common denominator for the fractions and use equivalence to be able to start adding and subtracting.



Qualities of Jesus – Choose 2 of the qualities of Jesus and explain how you demonstrate these in your daily life. Think about your actions and words in school, in the community, at home and in the wider world.


Spellings – Tricky Words and Common Misspellings (sheet 4)

Height, imitate, instrument, knead, magazine, miracle, ninth, parliament, purpose, recommend


Homework and Spellings WB 11.6.18

Homework is due back on Tuesday 19.6.18

 Homework Overview – tells you what to do!

Literacy – Sentence Types – Sentence Types – we have been using a variety of different sentence types to extend the quality of our writing. Practise them by completing the examples given.

Maths – Long Multiplication – Long Multiplication – we have been practising the formal method of multiplication this week which needs to be strong for when you enter Year 6. Practise the skill using the worksheet.

Topic – Comprehension – WW1 Comprehension – WW1 was a horrific time where countless lives were lost senselessly. Complete the comprehension worksheet to see a redeeming story from the war.

RE – Acrostic Poem – we have been learning about discipleship this week as it’s a massive theme of Mark’s Gospel. Write an acrostic poem about your understanding of discipleship. An acrostic poem uses the each letter of the word DISCIPLESHIP as the starting word of each line of the poem, e.g.

Determined to follow Jesus’ teachings.

Instant learning is granted to those who listen.












Spellings – Tricky Words and Common Misspellings

Telescope, umpire, volume, analyse, blemish, coward, develop, equator, explanation, genuine.


Homework and Spellings WB 4.6.18

Homework is due back on Tuesday 12.6.18

Homework Overview – tells you what to do!

Literacy – Short Story – Writing LinesThis week we have been supporting our knowledge of WW1 by reading ‘A Soldier’s Friend’ which tells the story of life in the trenches from the perspective of a cat and a dog. I want you to write a short story from the perspective of the cat (Mouser) about her first day meeting the small puppy outside Battersea Munitions Factory.

Maths – Translation – Triangle TranslationWe have been focusing on coordinates this week, specifically translation and reflection of shapes. I want you to practise your translation skills by translating triangles by following the directions given. The answers will be on the school website if you get stuck.

Topic – Comprehension – WW1 Comprehension This week, we have been looking at the causes of the 1st World War using role-play. I want you to answer the comprehension questions by reading the text that covers the causes in more detail.

RE – Go to the School’s RE page (link below) and answer the AT2 question for this term:

‘Discipleship is costly: it means you have to choose to act in ways that are sometimes difficult. Is it worth it?’


Spellings – Tricky Words and Common Mispellings

Junction, lightning, mineral, nation, organise, protect, receipt, restore, severe, succeed.