Homework and Spellings WB 21.5.18

Homework is due back on Tuesday 6.6.18

Homework Overview – tells you what to do!

Literacy – Fictional Biography – we have been learning about Biographies and Autobiographies. You may choose any famous celebrity you like, research them and write a biography about them.

Maths – Coordinates – 4-Quadrant Coordinates, 4 operations –we have been practising Coordinates in Maths recently – please complete the worksheets about it. I have also left some addition, subtraction, multiplication division questions.

Topic – Trenches – we will be learning about the First World War (WW1) next half term. During WW1, soldiers fought differently than they do today – they fought in trenches. I would like you to research what the trenches were like during WW1. You can either:

  • Build your own model trench.
  • Create a poster illustrating (picture) a WW1 trench and adding notes describing and defining the different parts.
  • Create a Ppt. presentation explaining what the trenches were and what it was like to live in them.

RE – Chaplaincy Team – Miss Finnegan recently led a Phase Assembly advertising positions for the school Chaplaincy team. You have to write a letter of application for a role on the team as if it were serious. If you do not want to be on the team, you still have to write the letter, but add at the end: I am not serious about my application.

Spellings – Tricky Words and Common Misspells

accommodation, bargain, convince, deprive, enrol, excavate, fruit, haunt, illustrate, influence


Homework and Spellings WB 14.5.18

Homework is due back on Tuesday 15.5.18

Homework Overview– tells you what to do!

Literacy – Iron Man Timeline – Fictional Autobiography – we have been learning about biographies and autobiographies this week. On Tuesday, we were supposed to write a fictional autobiography about a character but you’re being given it for homework instead! Use the bullet pointed timelines to write an autobiography for either Iron man or Snow White.

Maths – Maths Questions – Word Problems – this week we have been looking at word problems and using the bar model to help work out what they are asking. Solve the word problems – there are videos on the school website explaining what to do.

Art – Art Sheets – African Art – we will be looking at African cloth making in Art next week. Produce, on the worksheet provided, five African repeated patterns and five African animals – in pencil (colour is optional).

RE – 1st decade FAQ – Since it is the month of the Mary, pray a decade of the Rosary. Use the Rosary sheet provided (I know the Luminous Mysteries are only for Thursday’s, but it’s practise for when you go to the Prayer Garden).

Spellings – hyphens in words

Re-cover, re-treat, re-sign, re-enter, re-open, de-ice, co-star, co-own, co-pilot, no-one.


Maths Challenge 1 Solutions

Maths Challenge 2 Solutions

Homework and Spelling WB 7.5.18

Homework is due back on Tuesday 15.5.18

Homework Overview – tells you what to do!

Literacy – Diary Entry Example – Bad Diary – We have been looking at diary entries to prepare us to write a biography about Nelson Mandela using his autobiography, ‘The Long Walk to Freedom’ as inspiration. Using the ‘good day’ diary example in the homework pack as a model, I want you to write a ‘bad day’ diary entry.

Maths – Fractions of amounts – Fractions of amounts – We have been finding fractions of amounts in word problems this week. I want you to practise this skill suing the questions on the worksheet. There are two levels of difficulty – the first is finding fraction amounts, the second requires you to read the question more deeply!

Science – Scienctific Art – Scientists often draw biological illustrations to record what plant life looks like at different times so there is a permanent record in case they are lost. Look at the biological drawings attached and answer the questions relating to them – extension – you could pick a plant of your own and do your own biological illustrations!

RE – Rosary Comprehension – Since it is the month of the Mary, we should practise our understanding of the Rosary. I have attached some comprehension for you to complete – answer the questions using the text to help you.

Spellings – Making verbs by adding –ate, -ify and –ise

Realise, specialise, stabilise, socialise, purify, intensify, simplify, cooperate, activate, appreciate


Homework and Spellings WB 30.5.18

Homework is due back on Tuesday 8.5.18

Homework-Overview-1 – tells you what to do!

Literacy – Recount – this week, we went to Bishop Challoner School to discover what Year 7 lessons were like. It was a very informative morning, where lots was learnt. I want you to write a recount of what we did and what you learnt.

Maths – angles amber angles green – Missing angles – this week, we have been learning how to find missing angles for a range of different shapes. Using the rule that a circle has 360 °, a quadrilateral (4-sided shape) has 360° and a triangle has 180°, work out the missing angles for the shapes provided.

Topic – Comprehension – we will be using Nelson Mandela’s autobiography, ‘Long Walk to Freedom’ to continue our learning next week. For homework, I would like you to complete the comprehension about Nelson Mandela’s life. This research will assist you not only in our Literacy lessons, but also in Topic.


RE – We will be learning about the 7 Gifts of the Holy Spirit soon. Research ‘Shavuot’, a Jewish celebration and see if you can notice any links.

Spellings – Vowel suffixes with words ending in -fer

Differed, difference, preference, reference, conference, preferred, deterred, deferred, inferred, transferred