Homework and Spellings WB 22.4.18

Homework is due back on Tuesday 1.5.18

Homework Overview – tells you what to do!

Literacy – Continue the story –  we have been reading ‘The Talking Skull’ this week. The story starts to repeat itself at the end as another hunter discovers the skulls. I want you to write your own sequel to the story, explaining what happens to this new hunter. Will the cycle of death continue, or will you end it? Use 2A, name-adjective pair-sentences, relative clauses and De:De sentences.

Maths – Murder mystery – We have been focusing on fractions this week, converting Mixed Numbers to Improper Fractions and the other way round. I want you to be a detective this week and solve a murder case. There is a maths alphabet on the sheet. You need to convert the fractions in the table to either a Mixed Number or an Improper Fraction, then use the maths alphabet key to find the correct letter to spell out a word.


We have been learning about the life cycle of plants this week. I want you to research how plants can reproduce (make new versions of themselves).


We are learning about Pentacost this term. Read the story of Pentacost online and draw a picture of the Disciples being touched by the Holy Spirit (fiery heads).

Spellings – Making adjectives and adverbs with –ible and –ibly

Flexible, sensible, responsible, accessible, digestible, collapsible, reversible, forcibly, responsibly, sensibly


Homework and Spellings WB 16.4.18

Homework is due back on Tuesday 24.4.18

Homework Overview – tells you what to do!

Literacy – Relative Clauses – This week we have been focusing on relative clauses – they always begin with a relative pronoun (who, whose, where, when, which). Complete the worksheets by adding relative clauses to the main clauses.

Maths – Percentages of amounts – Find the percentages of the amounts on the worksheet. There are a lot of questions so the minimum expectation would be 12 questions completed (it’d be nice if they were all done though!).

Topic – We are learning about the Africa this term. Our initial focus will be on the Declaration of Human Rights. Find out what it is, when it was created and what 5 of the rights are.

RE – Complete the Big Question of on the school website:

‘How does belief in God influence how we act in our everyday lives?’


Spellings – Making adjectives and adverbs with –ible and –ibly Y5-word-work-sheet-16

Visible, visibly, horrible, horribly, terrible, terribly, possible, possibly, incredible, incredibly